Somatic Experiencing: 

Note books Trauma through a child’s eyes and Trauma proofing your Kids.

Bessel van der Kolk: The Body Keeps The Score.

(Excellent for brain theory, and the physiological impact of trauma; developmental trauma; the quintessential and primary importance of being and restoring calm with clients. See below).

Dr Frank Corrigan 

(via Linked-in).

Lisa Schwarz and CRM - the model we’ve been using along with SE and psychotherapy:

Peter Levine on ADHD: 

(It’s just interesting). 

Laurence Heller, Developmental Trauma:

Daniel Siegel

Useful for becoming more aware of mind/body/emotions tracking and therefore to CRM and whole person recovery. Mindsight is mindfulness linked to brain awareness.

Paul Maclean - Triune brain:

Whole Being Films: Trauma, Memory and the Restoration of Self, DVD/Memory stick set

Iain MacGilchrist, Psychiatrist and Researcher