The primary reason for my working in a way that integrates psychological, emotional, spiritual  and body-based approaches is that this is effective, based on credible and rigorous research, and that the people I work with find it particularly and lastingly effective. This view is supported by their testimonials, some of which I share (with their permission) below.


"It's like magic for your inner-most self, and completely unlike any other therapy I have experienced. No more "Yes, uh-huh, sure - and how does that make you feel", but instead an  intrinsic understanding of what I'm trying to say and the impact it's had/is having on me. It is both a 'fairly quick fix' and a 'deep fix', and has genuinely transformed my sense of who I am and that being alive can feel good. I must have referred at least three friends, either to Elspeth or to other SE practitioners in London whom she has recommended - and I now recommend it to you, too!"